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Queer | Poly | Kink coaching

Queer, non-monogamous and kinky people face a variety of structural, social, legal, psychological and emotional challenges in a society whose systems are almost exclusively calibrated towards cis, hetero, mono and vanilla normativity. We are exposed to stressors that normally socialized people cannot understand, even if they want to. We ask ourselves questions that normatively trained professionals cannot answer because they do not understand what it is like for us. And we need contacts who not only listen to us, but who are like us and who understand us.

Coaching can support you with:

  • to plan and implement an internal and/or external coming out (whether as a queer person, as a non-monogamous person or as a kinky person).

  • to uncover existing patterns of thinking, feeling, behavior and decision-making and thereby understand yourself better

  • Build resources for stress tolerance and impulse control

  • To promote skills to deal with setbacks, bullying, etc

  • Creating structures and rituals for turbulent phases

  • To act in a self-caring manner

  • Improve your communication skills, alone or with a partner

  • Desire to discover new and/or different things, alone or with a partner

  • Approach relationship crises in a solution-oriented manner

  • to heal and integrate old wounds and injuries

  • To create and live self-efficacy


and much more - what is/are your topics?

book an appointment

Do you want to find out more, have questions, uncertainties, ambiguities or  just interested? In one20 minute unbinding preliminary discussion we can discuss everything you need to make an informed decision.

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