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Kink education

“Kink education is an ethical obligation” (Psychology Today, 2021).

As a kink educator, I impart information, knowledge and skills in connection with the dazzling range of different types and practices surrounding bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism and masochism. The pedagogical dimensions of this work include, among others:

  • various education and training formats (private lessons, courses, workshops, seminars)

  • Educational work (risks and measures, sense of responsibility, ensuring emotional and physical safety, reducing stigma, etc.)

  • Communication training (setting boundaries, agreeing on consensus, etc.)

  • Development support (psychology, personality and trauma in BDSM, etc.)

  • Cultural awareness (promoting recognition and appreciation of the diversity of genders, sexual orientations and identities within the kink community, etc.)

  • Political dialogue (ethical considerations, legal background, legal situation, etc.)

  • Networking and resources (access to a network of people with subject matter and specialist knowledge, etc.)

With this work, I make a decisive contribution to greater visibility and acceptance in society, and to promoting an open, positive and informed culture within our community.

Join me on this exciting journey - I look forward to seeing you!


Courses & Workshops

Explore exciting topics with like-minded people, discover new interests and expand your creative wealth of knowledge.


Private lessons

Whether alone, in pairs, with three people, or more - private lessons are the ideal format to deepen your desired topic.



Find people, exchange ideas and celebrate the fun side of life together with us.

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