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A session is primarily your personal space for self-development, to take off all the masks of all your social, everyday roles and let out what is pent up behind them. The duration and content of each session are created together with you and adapted to your personal needs and current situation. No matter whether you want to let yourself fall into the lightness of being, strive for a deep connection with your body, want to connect with your inner primal power, face a fear, release a blockage or simply surrender to pleasure - these sessions are yours Gift to yourself. 

I meet you present and with openness, curiosity and non-judgement. No matter what your topic is, my space is a safe space for you, your needs and desires. And it is a space that can be free from the burden of responsibility, job, family, relationships, to-dos, decisions, expectations, etc.

You let yourself go and I'll hold the space you need. 

To find the session that suits you, select one of the categories listed below and, in the window that opens, decide specifically on the offer that appeals to you most at the moment. 

Unsicher, ob dieses Setting oder ich als Ansprechperson das Richtige für Dich sind? Dann schlage ich ein unverbindliches Kennenlerngespräch vor, wo Du Deine Fragen und Bedenken anbringen kannst - so finden wir raus, ob und wie wir zusammenpassen.

Advantages of a session

These sessions can help you, among other things: help with

  • To calm the restless inner voice

  • To reduce the rush and stress of everyday life

  • Grounding & to experience centering

  • To sink into the moment

  • to give up control

  • to build trust

  • Get to know your own limits better

  • To sensitize yourself to your own body

  • To positively influence your self-perception

  • Identify emotional, psychological and physical blockages (and if necessary break them)

  • Overcoming shame about your own fantasies and desires

  • To release pent-up and stored emotions

  • To feel held, protected and safe

  • And much else


   And what is your topic?

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